Date- 17/11/2017
Tissue culture training
“Hands on Training on Tissue Culture” shortly by the coming Monday- November 20/2017


Research Directorate of Wolkite University will be launching a “Hands on Training on Tissue Culture” shortly by the coming Monday- November 20/2017.

The training will take place in the biotech laboratory building of the Department of Biotechnology in Gubriye main campus, and it is expected to benefit various actors of the department including:  instructors, lab technicians and senior students.

It is known that the training targets to build the technical capacity of researchers in tissue culture techniques for mass propagation of desirable crops, focusing on Enset (False banana) and Coffee- which are the predominant crops in the Wolkite area.

The Farmers to Farmers Program of the Catholic Relief Services is generously supporting this program in hiring a volunteer, Assoc Prof.  John L Griffis, Jr. (Ph.D.) from the Florida Gulf Coast University, and covering the required accommodation and travel expenses for the mentor.


Photo: Assoc Prof.  John L Griffis, Jr. (Ph.D.)


As Wolkite University is one of the Governments owned higher education institution in the country which has a huge interest to excel in Biotechnology, the training will have a bountiful contribution in supporting the strategic development plan of the institution.

It is expected that the training will be finalized by Nov 30/2017, and there will be a public presentation for the students and the wider university community as part of the assignment.