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Symposium / WKU

Wolkite University (WKU) in collaboration with people to people (p2p), University of Kentucky (UK), and Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) a three days symposium on a triangular partnership and continuing medical education among developing countries.

On his welcoming speech WKU president Prof. Dejene Ayele said that one way of tackling the multifaceted challenges of our universities is through forming partnerships with overseas as well as local institutions. But this requires a clear and comprehensive strategy. With this in mind, we have organized this symposium which focuses on discussing partnership and capacity building with the leadership of the newer medical schools and to help provide essential training in sub specialty medicine to junior medical faculty.

Medicine and Health Science College Dean with WKU, Abdusemed Worku (MD) on his part said that it was a great honor and opportunity for WKU in general and College of Medicine and Health Sciences in particula5r to host such international symposium at its infancy stage. He added that this symposium is believed to pave the way to create long lasting human and material capacity building, and to enhance the standardization of medical education across the nation.

During the occasion, Public and International Director of the University Mr. Asteway Mellese said that the symposium will definitely create an opportunity for WKU to join the international world at its early years of operation. According to him, hosting international symposiums is a great doorway to ensure quality and enhance worldwide competitiveness. 

During the two days symposium, panel discussions regarding challenges of newly emerging medical schools and triangular partnership to close the gaps in research, education and clinical services; and research papers were presented.

Symposium participants from abroad paid a visit to Wolkite University and promised to provide their best assistance to strengthen the quality and accessibility of the WKU Medical School.

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