About the profession

Food Process Engineering is multidisciplinary field of study, which deals with the design, construction, installation, operation and control of food processing plants.

Food Engineering is also concerned with machinery and equipment that come into direct contact with foods as well as those that provide essential services in food factories.

Such as refrigeration, air conditioning, steam and hot water generation, water treatment and waste treatment. Last but not list knowledge about packaging systems is also a key to Food Engineer.

Vision of the Department

To become one of the best departments of Food Engineering that follows technological developments and pursues advanced level scientific research as well as train Food Engineers who are critical thinkers, possessing leadership skills and produce innovative solutions.

Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science Program in Food Process Engineering aims:

  1. To produce graduates who are well equipped with skill and basic knowledge in Food Science, Technology, and processing’s capable of integrating the gained knowledge and applying it fruitfully for the benefit of the society and country, with professional ethics in their mind and responsibilities in their related career practices or in doing research and development.
  2. To produce graduates with knowledge and skills that meet the international standards of Food Engineers capable of applying the knowledge in their fields having a global vision and capability of continuing studies and conducting demand driven and problem solving research in food process industries to improve national food security, postharvest losses and commercialization of agricultural produce for the betterment of livelihoods.
  3. To produce graduates with capabilities of conducting research and development in Food Process Engineering, upgrade traditional food processing, transfer and adapt /adopt appropriate modern technologies; initiate technological innovation to developing their own.

Staff Profile of the Department

Currently our department staff profile is

      13 MSc holders out of this 6 staffs are studying their PhD in Food Engineering, Process Engineering, Food Science & Nutrition and Biochemical Engineering in abroad and local universities. 

      9 BSc holders out of this 6 staffs are studying their MSc in Food Engineering.

      4 Laboratory Assistants in BSc.   


Bekalu lakie (MSc)
Dean, College of Engineering & Technology
Wolkite University
Mobile: +251 911544495
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Tamru Demsis (Ph.D)
Wolkite University, 07
Wolkite, 07
+251 11 3220054
Mobile: 0930289749
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