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የወልቂጤ ዩንቨርስቲ ባወጣዉ ማስታወቂያ መሰረት መምህራን እና ባለሙያዎች ለመቅጠር በዩንቨርስቲዉ ዋና ግቢ የቁጥር ሶስት ፈተና በአሁኑ ሰአት እየተሰጠ ይገኛል ሆኖም በፈተናው ዕለት እና ሰዓት መቅረብ ያልቻሉ ተፈታኞች ከረፈደ ወይም በድጋሚ ለፈተና መቅረብ እንደማይችሉ እናሳወቃለን::

Department of Public Health

The department pioneer by its establishment in the college of health science in 2012/2013, and in the following year, Midwifery and Extension PHO programs were launched. Currently, the department mainly engaged in teaching learning, research and community service. The department is running its activity through a total of 26 staffs for more than 270 students.

In addition to clinical services, the graduates of public health officers are expected to identify, prioritize and reverse public health obstacles using scientific grounds/researches.

Furthermore, public health officer's training is feasible and cost effectively designed to prepare graduates to carry out most public health services at the rural health centers to promote, prevent and cure, including emergency surgery (like caesarean section, some traumas and appendectomy) . Thus, this program could be a recommendable solution where doctors are scarce in similar developing countries due to the following reasons:

 Training of physicians takes long period of time and is too expensive, so it would be less likely for a poor country to train adequate number of   professionals and filling the professional gap in order to  address the health care needs

Ó The nature of  the curative and preventive health care services in the  PHC units get overlap,  so the condition  needs working-knowledge, skills and expertise of  both clinical and public health disciplines,

Ó If public health professionals are trained and  equipped   with the knowledge,  skills, professional ethics and wisdom that is  required to solve and manage the common clinical disorders (medical, surgical, obstetric and pediatric) and the potentially preventable public health problems in PHC settings together with all other teams,  they could play a major role in alleviating those health problems by providing a range of clinical , public health  and managerial  health care services, and

Ó More number of public health professionals can be trained in a reasonably low cost and shorter duration

Vision, Mission, and Values


The vision of the Public Health department aspires to be center of excellence in the field of health science


The mission of Public Health department is to produce competent and proficient professionals contributes to improve the health and promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through education, research, and service


Public health, at its core, strive for public health wisdom is about public justice

Core Values

Focus of public health: Public health adheres to a strong promotion, prevention and health protection orientation

Fostering progressive excellence: staff and students are adaptable, creative and open to innovative approaches in teaching, research and the practice of public health 

Creating collegial atmosphere: staff and students are compassionate, supportive and devoted to furthering the goals and Mission of the College.

Collaboration:  The department emphasizes the need to work with other health-related organizations whenever possible

Nurturing our students: The department provides a collegial and stimulating environment for instructive and practical learning experiences that foster individual and professional development

Aim of public health program

As a leader in the field, the Department aims to:

Ó Assessing community health needs and prioritize identified problems

Ó Intervening on  the identified health and health related problems of the community

Ó Promoting health, preventing and controlling disease

Ó Providing curative and rehabilitative  health services

Ó  Managing health services and health offices

Ó Undertaking operational and problem solving researches

Ó Inculcate professional attitudes, ethical conducts and social responsibilities;

 Admission Requirements

Admission requirements would be similar to the general institutional requirements. That is, the student should complete preparatory level education and the entry point for higher education is determined accordingly by the Ministry of Education to join the higher learning institutions.

Duration of the Study

 Under normal circumstances, four years of study are required to complete the programs


    • Fully wireless and wired Internet access
    • Mini E-book library
    • Catchment area health facility for teaching
    • Basic sciences laboratories

Employers of our graduates

q  All health facilities

q  NGOs’

q  Research centers

Future plan

In the next few years the department will be:

  1. Launched post-graduate program in MPH
  2. Establishment of field research center
  3. Electronic online Journal for public health will be hosted


Abdulsemed Worku(Dr.)
Dean, College Of Health Science And Medicine
Wolkite University
Wolkite, Ethiopia
Mobile: +251911658074
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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