The college of Engineering and Technology at Wolkite University held a half day meeting at former Wolkite University Administrative office, (IRISH Hall) on September 15, 2006 E.C. concerning on the beginning of new academic year 2013.

Though the newly joined academic staffs were the main target participants, senior staffs, Department Heads and Technical Assistances were engaged.

The main objective of the meeting was to introduce new academic staffs with the college.

As a start Dr. Mekuria Tadesse, Academic vice President, Mr. Fekadu Mamo, Director of Academic Programmers and Quality Assurance and Mr. Gebre Eginet, Director of Research, gave a detail overview on Learning-Teaching and Research and Community Engagement. On the occasion, Mr. Fekadu Mamo on his turn clarified the last, 2005 E.C, Academic year teaching learning accomplishment; its weakness and strength that were seen in the college.

Lastly, Mr. Dimberu Geremew (Dean, Engineering and Technology College) explained the vision, mission and values of the college.


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