Department of Biology

Mission statement

The program shall devote wholly to achieve excellence in the promotion of Biology in the country. And it provides community services in the areas of research, popularization of Biology, creating centres of excellence, scientific and technological empowerment of human resources and fulfill the knowledge gap among the surrounding society.

The main study direction - Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Genetics, Fishery and Aquaculture

The main study level - Bachelor Degree

Entry requirement

In order to be admitted to the Undergraduate Degree Program of the Department of Biology, a candidate must:

  • successfully complete the Preparatory Program with at least pass mark in Natural Science

  • Have diploma in Biology or other related biological disciplines from any accredited higher learning institutions.

Degree and/or qualification - Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology

Duration/ study type - 3 years/regular

Study program description

The Science of Biology deals with the systematized acquisition of knowledge on living things and their environments in its basic aspects and the use of such knowledge to benefit mankind in its applied aspects. Biological issues are at the heart of the daily life and survival of human beings irrespective of differences in culture, geographical location, wealth and levels of advancement.

Biological principles are practiced ranging from primitive societies that use crude ways of getting food and other survival requirements from the immediate environment through hunting and gathering to the most advanced societies that use cutting edge technologies to solve problems that challenge the survival and wellbeing of mankind. Research in climate change, biofuel production, rapid propagation of crops, gene therapy and cloning are examples of the latter category.

The relevance and importance of teaching and promoting research on Biology in Ethiopia is thus apparent. As a developing nation aspiring to achieve the overall advancement, the country has the option to combine both low and high level knowledge in biology to benefit its society particularly in the areas of food security, health, environmental protection and climate change.


Tamru Demsis (Ph.D)
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Wolkite, 07
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Mobile: 0930289749
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