Admission to Regular Undergraduate Programs

  1. Responsible organ for admission

Admission at first year level to all undergraduate full-time studies is processed and granted by the Office of the Registrar and college

  1. Policy of Non-Discrimination

The University is open to all qualified students and admission shall be granted irrespective of their race, nationality, belief, religion or any other unjustifiable ground. However, female and those students who come from emerging regions of the country will be given special attention.

C. Admission Requirements

1.      A student to be admitted to any undergraduate program to the University, he/she must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

a.       He/she must complete Preparatory School education and obtain the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination (EUEE) or when the Student completed his/her Secondary Education abroad, he/she must be with of equivalent academic achievements as determined by the Ministry,

b.      If the student is a graduate from Technical and Vocational Education and Trainings, he/she must have the pertinent qualifications and shall satisfy entrance qualifications assessment set by the University with the right to participate in the assessment being limited to those who qualify on the basis of merit- based directives to be issued by the Ministry.

2.      The Student must be able to produce evidence proving that he/she has the financial capacity to defray tuition expenses or he/she shall sign the Cost Sharing contract in accordance with the manner set by the Ministry.

3.      The University as deemed necessary may set further criteria.

Illegal Admission

  1. Securing admission by any other means without fulfilling the requirements of admission or after withdrawal, dropping out or dismissal is illegal, and the discovery at any time leads to dismissal from the University. The Registrar and the respective College/Department shall ensure that students have satisfied all the requirements of admission to any program in the University.
  2. A student who has been admitted once and drops out (without justification) and dismissed is not allowed for new admission for the same program as a new applicant unless the previous program is phasing out. 

Enrollment and Registration for Undergraduate

Registration and Placement of First Year Students

1.      Any student who is admitted to the University shall be registered with in the time limit set by the office of the Registrar.

2.      Each College and the Office of the Student Affairs shall be responsible for coordinating and for the proper handling of registration within the time limit provided by the Office of the Registrar.

3.      For the purpose of verification, the Office of the registrar may withhold both verified copies of EUEE and high school transcripts up to graduation or official withdrawal or dismissal.

4.      The Student Dean in cooperation with the Admissions Office of each College shall handle the task of placement of students to enable them get those services that they indicated to get from the University while signing Cost-Sharing contract or when they effect payment at the time of admission.

Registration of year II and above Students

1.   Every student must register at the beginning of each semester/term in order to keep her/his file active. A student who fails to maintain continuous registration without officially withdrawing from the program will be considered to have dropped from the program. If such a student wishes to resume his/her studies, he/she must submit application for re-admission to the respective department council within the time limit as set by the University. The program for a readmitted student shall be reused in terms of the rules and regulations in force at the time of re-admission.

2.   Registration shall always be conducted within the time limit set by the University.

3.   Unless otherwise provided by the rules set by the Office of the Registrar, there are two days for any registration with additional two days for late registration.

4.   Students who register late shall pay penalty whose amount is determined by other internal rules of the University.

5.   A student shall register personally presenting in ID card. Registration through third parties is strictly prohibited. There is the possibility of online registration for students which can be considered as preliminary registration.

6.   Any student who comes for registration after the late registration period has already lapsed shall not be allowed to register for that semester unless he presents an irrefutable document showing that his failure is due to a force majeure. However, no student shall in any case be allowed to be registered after one week since class has begun. In that situation, he/she can register for the next academic year provided that he has been formally allowed to withdraw from the program by the concerned academic commission having regard to a justifiable reason for his/her failure.


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