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Wuletaw Fentie

Wuletaw Fentie

Management - Lecturer

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P: 0913 37 31 12
P2: 0942 61 43 33


My name is WULETAW FENTIE AYALEW. I was born in Bichena, Amhara region of Ethiopia, in1988 where I grew and attended primary and secondary schools with excellent results. Aftercompleting high school, I joined Addis Ababa University, School of Commerce and received mydiploma in accounting. Then I served as a teacher and Head in Belay Zeleke Preparatory School,Business and Economics Department from Feb, 2004-Sep, 2009 as well as Accounting tutor inAlpha University College from June, 2004-July, 2009. After working for 4 years, I left my job infavor of my enthusiasm to study further and consequently joined Addis Ababa University again.At the end of graduation, Ministry of Education announced vacancies to recruit graduateassistants to different universities in Ethiopia. It was this time, after getting differentinstructors’ appreciation and becoming the only elected, I realized I have the potential todevelop and work at higher levels. Then I was appointed as graduate assistant in WolkiteUniversity, College of Business and Economics, Department of Management on August 8, 2012.After one year serving, I was sent to Jimma University for MBA program and graduated on June,2015. Since then, I have been working as lecturer in Wolkite University.

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