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The Vice-President for Research and Community Service

The office is responsible for innovative regional, national and global networks to support community-based research and community-university engagement and university-industry linkages. Key objectives include building a positive and supportive research activities in areas of strategic importance to Wolkite University communities; encouraging community engagement among colleges and students; adoption of technologies, identifies and facilitates community-based service projects and internships sites that meet the academic needs of colleges and students, dissemination and interaction through participation in and the hosting of research conferences, workshop, symposia and public lectures, develop multi-sectorial partnerships, collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organization, Universities, research institutes, funding agencies, business and industry contributing to research at WKU. The office helps college members to prepare grant proposals deal with contracts, and to prepare reports and budgets.


The mission of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Community Service is to promote and support research, technology adoption, enhance technology transfer, extend WKU beyond its campuses through community engagement and public service, outreach and community education, to serve as a catalyst for well-being of individuals and society, and development of the nation. It will achieve this by building on foundations of broad research and community engagement with strong regional, national and international links.

Opportunities for success

The university, with about 7 colleges and 27 departments affiliated to it, has its jurisdiction to carry out diversified research in the central part of the country, essentially in Ghurage zone, Silti Zone, Yem special woreda, and part of southern zone of Oromia regional state. The university has an advantage of being in the proximity to national capital, senior universities, and national and international research centers and to pool of highly qualified workers. Therefore one of the main strengths of research at our university is going to be the way we forge cooperative links across national and disciplinary boundaries.

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