Research Agendas of WkU to be Prioritized

Theme 1:Communicable & Neglected tropical diseases

Sub themes 1: TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, respiratory infections,Water & food born disease, pneumonia, High TB burden (MDR)

Sub theme 2: Leishmaniasis, Eye disease

Theme 2: Chronic disease& Adolescent Health:

Sub theme 1: hypertension, diabetes,mental illness

Sub theme 2: Substance Abuse (chat, cigarette, alcohol, shisha), applied psychological research

Theme 3: Reproductive, Maternal and child Health

Sub theme 1: Reproductive health, STI, Family planning, abortion;

Sub theme 2: Breast feeding, weaning diet;

Sub theme 3: Antenatal care, Institutional delivery

Theme 4: Environmental Health, Safety and occupation:

Sub theme 1: Sanitation, Solid and liquid waste management

Subtheme 2: Poor housing, waste disposal

Subtheme 3: Health facilities, drug administration and medical supply, poison, occupational injuries and car accident

Theme 5: Nutrition

Subtheme 1: food insecurity, nutritional disorder

Subtheme 2: introducing new and nutritious crops

Subtheme 3: improving the feeding habit

Theme 6: Gender and Cross cutting issues

Subtheme 1: women empowerment, Women involvement in ADR

Subtheme 2: Harmful traditional practice

Subtheme 3: Gender and development

Theme 7: Indigenous Knowledge, Culture and Tourism:

Subtheme 1: Traditional culture, medicine and herbs

Subtheme 2: Alternate Dispute Resolution & conflict management

Sub theme 3: History, culture, Traditional landscape architecture

Subtheme 4: Tourism and Eco-tourism

Subtheme 5: cultural rights protection

Subtheme 6: cultural and traditional sport, mass sport, health fitness

Theme 8: Natural Resource Management& Biodiversity Conservation

Subtheme 1: Wild life, diversity study

Subtheme 2: National parks, endogenous plants and animals, water bodies

Subtheme 3: environmental pollution and protection

Subtheme 4: water resource

Theme 9: IT and emerging technologies

Subtheme 1: Health Informatics, bioinformatics, e-learning and communication

Subtheme 2: ICT, Web Security

Sub theme 3: Data Mining, knowledge discovery

Sub theme 4: Image Processing, Plant disease detection, System Integration

Sub theme 5:Mobile Application for language translation/ teaching, for Tour Guide

Subtheme 6: Keyboard for Mobile platform

Subtheme 7: communication, networking, Information system

Theme 10: Conflict management and peace building

Sub theme 1:  Social Justice, Human rights, Governance and Democracy

Subtheme 2: the right of citizens, Investment regulation

Subtheme 3: Speedy trial, Prisoner's rights protection

Subtheme 4: crime investigation, collective trademarks, land admin,

Theme 11: Good Governance and Constitutional Rights

Subtheme 1: access to justice

Subtheme 2: investigation process

Subtheme 3: constitutionalrights and cultural rights, ethnic conflict

Subtheme 4: law and development

Subtheme 5: Environment and Development

Subtheme 6: Family law issues

Subtheme 7: Governance and democracy

Theme 12: Modern Business Building

Subtheme 1: E-Business and its Implementation, in-house built automation for accounting, database management,

Subtheme 2: Human resource development, procurement, retention

Subtheme 3: Financial Management, loan repayment, tax and revenue

Subtheme 4:

Theme 13: Corporate Social Responsibility

Subtheme 1: climate change, environmental protection

Subtheme 2: illegal trade

Theme 14: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise development

Subtheme 1: Entrepreneurship,

Subtheme 2: enterprise development, trade and industry

Theme 15: Infrastructure development and Resource Management

Subtheme 1: Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Resource utilization, Waste management (cyclic economy building)

Theme 16: Marketing Management

Subtheme 1: Market linkage/Chain, promotion and advertisement, value chain

               Subtheme 2: investment and value-chain management

Theme 17: Socio-Economic Endeavor

Subtheme 1: Public service Mobilization

Subtheme 2: Cooperative societies

Subtheme 3: Urbanization

Subtheme 4: Quality Education

Subtheme 5: Migration

Subtheme 6: NGO's concern

Subtheme 7: Traffic accident

Theme 18: Sustainable Agriculture

Subtheme 1: Soil-Crop-Water interaction

Subtheme 3: Plant diversity and Ethno-botanical species

Subtheme 4: Biotechnology

Subtheme 5: crop and livestock improvement/ breeding programs

Subtheme 6: Socio economic, investment and value-chain management

Theme 19: Renewable Energy

Subtheme 1: Wind energy

Subtheme 2: Bio-fuel

Subtheme 3: Solar energy

Theme 20: Technology Development

Subtheme 1: Agro Processing Systems/ Machineries.

Subtheme 2: Improved Alternative Construction Materials

Subtheme 3: machineries to commercialize agricultural goods

Sub theme 4: Alternative Energy for Sustainable Development (Bio-energy, Hydro power, Solar, Wind and Geothermal)

Subtheme 5: road design and construction

Subtheme 6: Innovative Irrigation and drainage Schemes




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