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Wolkite University Library and information service (WKULIS) was established in November 25,2004E.C as one of the academic unites of the university to achieve its goal of knowledge transfer. Now it gives full library service to 3567 students and 492 staff members for 24 hours a day except Sunday which closed ten hours. The library’s main purpose is to help the teaching learning, research, publication by providing full information, reference, and reading services. WKULIS is automated and use Online Library management system which is called koha software system, to maintain books, patrons, in the server. It allows storing books, documents, and reference materials. The system provides search function to help patrons find the book easily by author, title, call number or barcode in addition to this it also indicate where the book is placed. Currently 24500 different books are catalogued and give service to the user of the library and about 15000 books are received but not yet cataloged, they are in the process of cataloging.


The Wolkite university library and information service is central to the intellectual life of the University. The Library supports, enhances, and collaborates in the education, research and service activities of the University by:

¨ Ensuring that collage, students, and other users have access to a broad and diversified range of scholarly resources, both through its own rich collection of materials and through its collaborations with other institutions;

¨  Collecting, organizing, disseminating, and preserving rare and unique scholarly and institutional resources for the use of scholars and researchers

¨ Supporting and collaborating with collage in teaching, research, and practice;

¨ Conducting original research that contributes to the overall understanding of library and information science; and

¨  Engaging in outreach to the community. Through a process of continuous evaluation and improvement. 

Guided values

Patron center serviceThe Library responds to local and individual needs for assistance with research, teaching, learning, practice, service, and engagement by taking advantage of its wide range of resources and expertise for all users of the library.

Flexibility. Library departments and staff are entrusted and empowered to respond appropriately to the evolving needs of the Library’s diverse and dispersed user populations.

Collaboration and outreach. Collaboration occurs at many levels: within the Library, with other libraries and library consortia, with vendors, and with numerous other organizations and individuals. 


1. Build collections that support the Academic, research and curricular needs of the University.

2.  Support the Wolkite university community with services designed to make it more successful.

3.  Provide library spaces that facilitate academic work in all its variety.

4. Promote WKULIS collections and services on campus and beyond.

5. Provide for an effective organization, beginning with the recruitment, high performance, and retention of a well qualified, motivated and diverse workforce.

WKULS, which is run by about 44 library staff, is departmentalized as the following to give an information, reference, and reading services to its patrons.

Acquisition section: Coordinates overall faculties, departments and branch acquisitions in consultation with relevant bodies through purchase, gift or exchange. to prepare book selection policy, acquiring all library materials through Purchase, gift or exchange, ask and prepare library budget, place purchase order, receive (acquire) library materials, to accession new books,

Cataloging section:-catalog all books using LCC (Library of congress classification) upon arrival, prepare card catalog or book format catalog, assign book Call No and give book label, prepare shelf guide list and arrange books according to the classification scheme on the shelf, computerized all library resources and display for public access,

Circulation Section: to charge and discharge books, to maintain members database, to keep records of books on loan, to follow up notification of overdue books, to identify and keep reserve books, to prepare borrow pockets, to keep users statistics, to identify damaged and mutilated books for maintenance, etc

Bookstore section: to receive and organize books, to keep inventory of all books and related information materials, to shelf and preserve books, to distribute books to the concerned branch libraries  and departments

 Library computer Section: to give computer service, internet and email service, to assist and give consultancy service on how to use and exploit other electronic information media of the library etc. the computer section currently gives a service with 65 computers




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Haftom Adhana
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