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Engineering & Technology

Natural & Computational Sciences

Medicine & Health Sciences

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Business & Economics

Social Science & Humanities

Thematic area 1: Studies leading to design and fabrication of machines and equipment (manufacturing):

.'Enset' Processing Machine

.Sley Driven Handloom for Leg Disabled Persons

.Low cost and portable 'teff' harvesting machine

.Containers evading milk spoilage

Thematic area 4: Studies Focused on Applications of Biotechnology:

.Screening Disease/Salt Tolerant Varieties  of Selected Food and Cash Crops

.  Isolation and Characterization of Effective Rhizobial Isolates Adapted to Gurage Zone

.  Multi Drug Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacteria Isolated from Slaughtered Cattle Lesions

.  Invitro protocol optimization and multiplication of selected food and cash crops through tissue culture technique (most of chemicals and materials needed for this purpose are being purchased) 


Thematic area 7: Child & Maternal Health Studies:

.Incidence, causes and outcomes of obstructed labour

.Assessment of the status of malnutrition and its associated factor among under five children

.Breast feeding initiation among women in Gurage Zone

.Postnatal care utilization & associated factors among women

.Psychological and Cultural Barriers Towards Safe Motherhood in Guraghe Zone and Yem Special Woreda

Thematic 9:  Soil fertility & management studies

.Mapping spatial variability of agricultural soil acidity and lime requirement determination in Gurage Zone

Thematic area 12: Small & micro enterprise (SME) studies

.Growth and success determinants of micro and small enterprises

.Determinants of Loan Repayment Performance of SMEs

.Determinants  of the adoption of formal accounting systems by small and micro enterprises in Gurage zone



Thematic area 15: Language and Folklore Studies

.Teachers' Vs. Students’ Perceptions of Effective English Teacher Characteristics and their Effects on Learning English

.The Practice and Effects of Cooperative Learning in Teaching Speaking Skill.


Thematic area 2:  Studies leading to new software development:

.  Mobile Based Medical Advisory

.  Instructor Evaluation Management System

Thematic area 5: Phytochemical & Antimicrobial Studies on Selected Medicinal Plants

Thematic area 8: Studies on general public health issues:

.Prevalence of intestinal parasites & associated factors among  primary school students

.Assessment of bacteriological quality of drinking water & prevalence of water born disease in Gurage Zone

.Predictors of late initiation to HIV/AIDS Care in Guragie Zone Public Health Facility

Thematic area 10: Natural resource and environmental management studies

.Municipal  solid waste source identification, characterization and disposal site selection:  the case of Wolkite Town

.Assessment of large and medium sized mammals and birds in  Gibe Sheleko National Park : a prelude for conservation & development

.Insitu conservation of various landraces of 'Enset'

Thematic area 13: Socio-economic studies

.Socio-economic factors determining academic achievement of females  students & gender based violence: the case of Universities in SNNPRS

.Monetary & non-monetary analysis of child poverty and vulnerability: the case of Gurage Zone

Thematic area 16: Migration & Urban  Sprawl Studies

.Irregular Interstate Migration: Cause & Impact on Human Right

.Urban Sprawl and   Informal Settlements in Wolkite  and Butagira Towns: A critical analysis of causes and consequences


Thematic Area 3:  Fiber Processing Studies  

.Characterization of Ethiopian False Banana fiber and Processing up to Textile

.Fabrication & mechanical property evaluation of bi-directional banana fiber epoxy composites


Thematic area 6: Pesticide & Trace Metal Level Analysis in Selected Food and Cash Crops


Thematic area 11: Climate change mitigation and adaptation studies:

.The Role of Enset for  Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Thematic area 14: Saving  & Investment Studies

.Opportunities and challenges for private Investment in Gurage Zone: an exploratory study

.Factors governing households' saving in Gurage zone



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