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Bethlehem  Sileshy

Bethlehem Sileshy

Nursing - Assistant lecturer

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I was born in June 13,1995G.C in Jimma,in village named kito ,being born there I grew up in Bahrdar and went to Kinder Garden at the age of 4 and learnt till grade 6 in a school named Bahrdar Academy  and while I was there I  participated in Scout Club and Minimedia completed my education till grade 12 in school named El-bethel Academy  while I moved to Addis .I joined Aksum University ,College of Medicine And Health Science, Department  of Psychiatric Nursing ,I received my BA degree in Psychiatric Nursing with Great distinction and Award winner  being  top female scorer from  college of medicine and health science from  Aksum University ,Tigray ,Ethiopia in 2009E.C. The federal ministry of health assigned me to join Wolkite University Department Of Comprehensive Nursing as an Assistant lecturer and now I am working in wolkite university as an assistant lecturer.  


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Mental Illness among children

Mental Illness among children can be difficult both for the children themselves and their care givers and often given less attention by the professionals and rarely bought to health institution.





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